Don’t Get Curb-Stomped: Does landscaping increase home value?

May 24, 2024 | Fixer-upper

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Imagine you’re a buyer pulling up to a house for a showing. The first thing that hits you? The landscaping. A well-maintained yard with pops of color and inviting walkways creates a positive first impression. But a neglected landscape with overgrown weeds and patchy grass? Not so much.

The truth is, landscaping plays a bigger role in your home’s value than you might think. Studies show that a well-designed and maintained landscape can increase your property value by 10-20% [Source: Landscape Ontario]. Conversely, a bad landscape can significantly decrease your asking price.

Here’s how:

Curb Appeal is King: First impressions are crucial, and landscaping is a buyer’s first glimpse of your property. A neglected yard screams “poor maintenance” and can raise red flags about the condition of the entire house.

Decreased Usability: A cluttered or overgrown yard makes it difficult to envision using the outdoor space. Potential buyers want to picture themselves enjoying barbeques on a patio or relaxing in a peaceful garden.

Structural Concerns: Unattended landscaping can lead to foundation problems. Overgrown trees can damage roots and siding, while poor drainage can cause basement flooding. Buyers will be wary of these potential hidden costs.

Don’t Despair! The good news is that you don’t need a landscape architect to improve your home’s curb appeal. Here are some simple tips:

Tame the Wild: Start by cleaning up overgrown areas, trimming shrubs, and mowing the lawn. A neat and tidy yard makes a huge difference.

Plant Power: Add pops of color with flowering plants and greenery. Choose low-maintenance options that suit your climate.

Frame the Entryway: Create a welcoming entrance with well-maintained walkways, a colorful flowerbed, or a potted plant display.

Outdoor Oasis: If budget allows, consider adding a patio, fire pit, or other features that create a functional and inviting outdoor space.

Remember, investing in your landscaping is an investment in your home’s value. By creating a beautiful and well-maintained yard, you’ll not only improve your own enjoyment of the property but also attract potential buyers willing to pay top dollar.

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