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May 16, 2024 | FSBO

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Thinking of wanting to sell your house fast and doing it yourself (FSBO)? Great! But before you dive headfirst into the world of open houses and listing negotiations, there’s one crucial step: captivating photos. In today’s digital world, high-quality images are essential to grab potential buyers’ attention and get them through your virtual door. This can significantly impact how quickly you find a buyer who loves your home.

But fear not, FSBO warriors! You don’t need a professional photographer or a high-end camera to take stunning photos that showcase your home’s true potential and help you achieve a faster sale.

Here are some tips to help you avoid FSBO photography fumbles and take pictures that will have buyers saying “Sold!”

Light Up Your Listing:

Embrace Natural Light: Open those curtains and blinds! Natural light is your best friend when it comes to home photography. Schedule your photoshoot for a bright and sunny day, ideally in the late morning or early afternoon when the light is soft and diffused. This will create a bright and inviting atmosphere in your photos, making potential buyers feel like they can move right in.*
Banish the Shadows: Dim lighting and dark corners make rooms feel smaller and less inviting. Turn on all the lights (including overhead lights and lamps) to brighten up the space. This will make your home appear more spacious and appealing in photos, increasing its chances of attracting a quick sale.*
*Beware of Harsh Contrasts: Direct sunlight streaming through windows can create harsh shadows and washed-out areas. If necessary, use sheer curtains to diffuse the light and create a more balanced look. This will ensure your photos look professional and highlight the best features of your home, ultimately leading to a faster sale.

Staging Smarts:

*Declutter is the Name of the Game: Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in your space, not storing their belongings. Declutter every room, removing clutter from countertops, shelves, and furniture. A clean and organized space will photograph better and make buyers feel like they can easily move in, potentially leading to a quicker sale.
*Less is More: While a completely empty room might feel sterile, too much furniture can make the space feel cramped. Arrange furniture to create conversation areas and highlight key features of the room. This will create a sense of flow and functionality in your photos, which can entice buyers and expedite the selling process.
*Accessorize for Appeal: Add a few decorative touches to personalize the space without going overboard. Think fresh flowers in a vase, a throw blanket on the couch, or a bowl filled with colorful accents. These small details can add warmth and personality to your photos, making the home more inviting and potentially leading to a faster sale.

Phone Photography Power:

*Cleanliness is Key: Before you start snapping pics, wipe down your camera lens with a microfiber cloth to ensure clear, crisp photos. Clean lenses are essential for capturing high-quality images that will showcase your home beautifully and potentially lead to a faster sale.
*Steady Does It: Use a tripod or find a stable surface to rest your phone on. Shaky photos are a big no-no! This will ensure your photos are clear and professional-looking, making a great first impression on potential buyers and potentially leading to a quicker sale.
*Explore the Angles: Don’t just stand in the center of the room and take a snapshot. Move around the space, capturing different angles and highlighting key features. This will give buyers a well-rounded view of your home and its potential, which can lead to increased interest and a faster sale.
*Editing Magic: Many free and easy-to-use photo editing apps can help you enhance your photos. Use them to adjust lighting, crop images, and improve clarity. Editing can take your good photos to great, further enhancing their appeal to potential buyers and potentially expediting the selling process.

Bonus Tip: Take multiple photos of each room, giving potential buyers a variety of perspectives.

By following these tips and using a little creativity, you can take captivating photos that showcase your home’s best features and help you sell it faster, even as a savvy FSBO seller. Remember, high-quality photos are an investment that can pay off big time by attracting more buyers and potentially leading to a quicker sale!

So grab your phone, embrace the natural light, and get ready to capture stunning photos that will have buyers falling in love with your home and potentially making you a fast seller!

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